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09/2016 - Present

M.Sc., Chemical Engineering (BioTechnology)

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,    Mashhad, Iran


 M.Sc. thesis subject:    -

Adviser:  Dr.R.GHeshlaghi

Field of research:
• Algae and plants Growth.
• Bioenergy & Biodiesel.
• Photo Bioreactor.
• lipid & Starch extraction.



B.Sc., Chemical Engineering (Petrochemical)

Sahand University of Technology,    Tabriz, Iran


 B.Sc. thesis subject:    Scrutiny and Comparison of Equation of State at predicting Viscosity and Density of hydrocarbon fluids

Adviser:  Prof.S.A.Tabatabae Nejad    and  Dr.E.Khodapanah  . thesis G.P.A:19.5

Field of research:
• Research on the hydrocarbon fluids.
• Prediction of properties with programming at matlab.
• Research on the equation of state and derivation new method
• EoS Modeling.


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